My Boat
   23ft Falcon Striper Express



This boat was custom built for me by Falcon Boats, in Sherman TX. 

Falcons are the boat of choice by guides on Lake Texoma. Falcons are used by more Striper guides on Texoma than all other boat types combined.

They are heavy, deep sided, dependable and in my opinion, the safest boats available for the type of fishing we do. Lake Texoma is the 12th largest lake in the U.S. and the waves here can get large. The lake's nickname is "Texocean". 

You want a boat that can handle those waves and also provide a steady, comfortable ride.



I spend 2-3 hours after every trip scrubbing her down and pride myself in having a very clean and "non fishy" smelling vessel.  Some people say if it doesn't smell like fish, you must not be catching anything.

I say, if it smells you are just too lazy to clean it right. 


I pull my boat out of the water every day and keep it in a dry storage building.

She is powered by a 350 Mercruiser, Inboard engine. 370 hp will push her along just fine. She will do right at 60mph with just me in the boat and with a full load, we usually top out around 48 mph. Plenty of power to get anywhere on the lake in a hurry.

I have an 80 hp, 24 volt Motor Guide trolling motor mounted to the top of the main out drive.


I have a new, Lowrance X112C color Fish Finder with GPS and the biggest screen available. 10.4 inches!!! So anybody in the boat can see from where they are at, what's happening below us.



There are 4 swivel seats that move around and two bench seats in the back corners. I can take out 6 passengers.


If fewer than 4 people go out, then we take out the empty seats and creat even more room to move around in.

 These pics give you a good idea of what a full load looks like. 4 people in swivel seats and 2 in the corner bench seats.

The boat below was my last boat. Also a 23ft Falcon.   I liked it so much, I bought a new one just like it and my next one will be the same also. (unless they start making a bigger one, right now 23ft is the longest Falcon made)

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