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Some frequently asked questions

Do I need a fishing license?

  Everyone fishing in the boat age 16 and over will need a license. no matter what state you live in.

The following are excempt and Do Not need a license: If you are Under 16 and live in the following states, you do not need a license: AL, AK, AR, CA, CT, DE, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MD, MI, NH, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, TX, or WI  (Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas residents under 16 do not need a license.)

If you are a resident of a state not listed above, you don't need a license if you are under 14 yrs old. If you are a resident of a state not listed above and 14 or older, you will need a license.

Residents of Texas who are 64 and older DO NOT need a license.

Oklahoma residents 64 or older can fish in All public Texas water without a fishing license. All they need is their OK drivers license or ID.

A Texas resident born before September 1, 1930 does not need a fishing license in Texas or Oklahoma. A texas resident who is 65 or older, AND was born on September 1, 1930 or later has to buy a Texas Special Resident license (reduced price) to fish in Texas. No fishing license is needed for this group in Oklahoma.

Non-Residents 17 or older, including over 65 from all other States must buy fishing licenses to fish in Texas. The cheapest option for this group on Texoma is to buy the $12.00 Lake Texoma License.

Both States have a reciprocal agreement. A person from Oklahoma can fish in Texas without a license upon reaching age 65. Vice versa for Texans over 65 fishing in Oklahoma. However, to fish in Oklahoma or the Oklahoma part of Texoma, you need to get an Oklahoma Senior Citizen License.

 Residents born on or after January 1, 1923, upon reaching age 64 (or those who turn 64 during the calendar year) may purchase a Senior Citizen License which is good for the rest of their life.  Anyone born before January 1, 1923, is exempt but must carry proof of age such as a dirvers license. Senior Citizen License applications are available through Department headquarters, field installations and license vendors. Purchased only through Department headquarters.

For more on Oklahoma Fishing License go to http://www.wildlifedepartment.com/fishing2.htm

 Since Lake Texoma is located in both Texas and Oklahoma territories, a Lake Texoma license is the best way to go. This allows you to fish anywhere on the lake. These cost $12.00 and can be bought at any Wal-mart and most local stores near the lake. Be sure you ask for a "Lake Texoma" fishing license. These are good Till December 31st. You can also buy them online from the Texas or Oklahoma Wildlife Dept.  The Game Wardens do patrol the lake and ask to see them occasionally. We obey all laws and regulations.

Each person on the boat is allowed only two fish that are 20 inches or longer. Please do not ask to keep more than the lawful amount, we won't do it.

How many fish can I keep?

Lake Texoma has one of the most liberal striper limits in the country. Each person with a license can  keep 10 fish per person and only 2 of those can be 20" or longer, the other 8 must be under 20" long. You are not allowed to keep the guide's limit.    All fish that bleed or show signs of distress when caught, we keep it's the law, besides we don't want to waste fish. That's not right.  Once a fish is put into the livewell, we can't let it go later.  Fish of other species have their own limits also. Example: you are allowed to keep 25 Sand Bass per person.  So if we get into some Sandies or Catfish...you are allowed to keep those fish also. Sometimes in the summer when the fish are feeding on top, we can catch and release if the fish are not in distress. Deep water fish Cannot be released and we must stop fishing when limits are caught to keep from killing fish we can't keep.  

What if we catch our limit early, is the trip over?

 We leave at daylight and fish no more than 6 hours. , then we go back to the dock and take pictures and clean fish. Since I take the red out of your fish when I clean them, they will take longer to clean. If I clean 60 fish, it will take over an hour to do it, keep that in mind.  If we get into other species of fish we can catch those also. I'll let you know on the weekly updates what other types of fish are active and catchable. If we are able to, we can catch and release. If we catch fish that are bleeding or show signs of distress, we must keep them. The guide does not catch a limit of fish. If I have two paying customers then we can keep 10 fish each for a total of 20 fish. Only 4 of those 20 fish can be 20 inches or longer, (2 per person). There is no minimum size limit for Stripers on Lake Texoma. If fish are lip hooked and healthy, we can release them. This way, you can continue to fish longer. Once we get our limits of gut hooked fish, we must quit fishing so we do not kill any fish that we can't keep. Sometimes doing this will let you catch (not keep) triple the limit amounts. Please contact me if you have questions about how many fish we can catch.  okiegator1221@gmail.com 

Who cleans the fish we catch?

I do, at the end of the trip. I will fillet all fish caught and bag them up for you in quality freezer bags. Striped Bass have a red blood line that runs through their meat, I will take the extra time to remove this for you. This must be done or the fish will taste "strong".  This takes extra time but you will appreciate it once you get home.   You need to bring an ice chest to keep them cold on your trip home. 

Are stripers good to eat and do you have recipes?

Yes and yes. Stripers have a reputation for tasting too strong but if you fillet them right they are some of the best tasting fish you can eat.    Yes believe it or not, myself and my family like them better than catfish!!   The mistake make by a lot of fishermen is not cleaning them correctly. Stripers have a red bloodline that runs through the meat and if you eat this part it will taste strong and gamey. I take the time to cut this part off while I am cleaning your fish.  This web site has some of my favorite recipes.  I like Striper fillets because they are firm and hold up well when cooking them.

What do I need to bring?

I PROVIDE: Boat, gas, rod and reels, artificial and or live bait, life jackets and all needed equipment.  I will clean your catch and put them in quality freezer bags for you to take home. I will bait and unhook fish and keep you entertained.

YOU BRING: Fishing License, camera, an ice chest for your lunch, drinks and snacks,  an ice chest to take your fillets home in,(a limit of 10 fish usually produces 1 gallon bag of fillets)  warm clothes in the colder seasons. Early mornings can be down right cold and it is best to dress in layers. As the day warms you can always peel them off.  I've seen people show up in the winter in shorts and short sleeved shirts,( DON'T DO IT, YOU WILL REGRET IT)    Wet weather gear, I am talking about a poncho or full rain suit if you have one,  you'll be surprised how often it is needed. Umbrellas and trash bags don't work.   Even in late spring, the early mornings require a jacket of some kind. In the warmer months you will need a hat, sunglasses and sunblock.   MOST IMPORTANT thing for you to bring is a great attitude. Let's have fun.

Do we stop for lunch or fish straight through?

 Bring an ice chest with drinks, snacks and lunch if you want it.  We usually eat on the boat.   

Remember the #1 rule of catching fish......The more your bait is in the water, the more fish you catch. 


How do I book and pay you?

 Call me, we agree on a date.

  1.  You can send me the entire balance at any time up to the trip or pay the balance the morning of the trip. Deposits are sent at the time of booking.   
  2. I will take cash or checks the morning of the trip 
  3. See the Rates Link for rates.
  4. I do require a deposit and will take a check for that also....Please see the Rates Page for details.






What if I have to cancel?

It happens.  Please see the Rates Page for details.


Can I get sea sick on a lake?

It can happen but rarely.  You know your limits better than anyone. If you are prone to motion sickness there are numorous remedies you can buy before hand at most drug stores and Wal-Marts and they seem to work.  Small boats are easier to endure than big cruise ships for some reason so don't worry about it too much. Remember also that my boat DOES NOT have a head, so go before we launch. There are always marinas close by in cases of emergencies.

Are you insured?

Blue Water Striper Guide Service is fully insured and licensed to fish in both Texas and Oklahoma waters. Our safety is always my #1 priority. Boating and fishing are not without some inherent risks but we will follow all boating regulations and I will not tolerate "stupid" behavior that might put you or myself at risk. I want us to have a good time but the lake can be a dangerous place if you mess around.  Yes, I am fully insured to guide and take customers out on a boat.

What time of year is best for catching Stripers?

I fish for Stripers year round and have had great and slow days every month of the year but they seem to be more aggressive in the spring and fall. They also like foul weather. A little rain, light breeze and cooler temps. seem to turn them on. My biggest fish came on a day that had a layer of ice on the boat. They bite all year long though and if the milder temps. would be more enjoyable for you, then that is the time I suggest you come. If I was forced to fish only one month a year I would probably pick November for big fish and overall quality and numbers and July/August for top water action.  The fish have to eat all year.  I suggest you fish during months that fit your temperature preferences.

How many people can you take on a trip?

I don't have the biggest boat on the lake. I can't take out 15+ people like some guides.  My boat will technically hold 9 people but I don't know where they would fit.  I prefer 5-6 or less to keep it uncrowded, 4 adults is a good number.   Children take up less room and if there is a kid/adult mix we can fish with more people than adults only.  I use other guides to help if I have more than 6 adults.  I will take out 6 adults, with seats for all,  just be warned that it is crowded. If you don't mind, neither do I. The boat is safe and can handle that many. Bait fishing will be much easier than lure fishing. 4 people throwing lures works..... more than that can get kind of tricky.

Where do we meet and at what time?


   We depart at daylight (I'll let you know exact time) and fish for 6 hours unless you want to quit sooner.


Can I bring my own rod and reel?

Yes,  I supply all tackle but some experienced fishermen like using their own equipment. They are more comfortable with their rod and reels and I do not mind. Let me know when you book a trip.



People have different reasons for hiring a fishing guide. It is a lot cheaper to hire a guide than owning your own boat./ Guides usually have more safety backups like Marine Radios and a network of other guides to help in emergencies./ It's easier to let a guide clean the fish and mess with the boat etc.... But the number one reason is that a guide will help you catch more fish than you would do on your own. It's all about catching fish and having fun.   I provide a safe and wholesome environment suited well for kids. I will inter-act with you and try to keep you entertained during the moments the stripers aren't pulling your arms off. I will tell you why we are fishing the way we are and why it works under those circumstances. I want you to be able to catch stripers on your own later. If you've compared me with other guides you'll see that I try to go out of my way to do the little extras. Like cleaning your fillets without the red line. I encourage you to bring your kids and wives or girlfriends, make it a family affair. I always have a positive attitude and my goal is for you to have such a good time that you come back again and tell your friends to use my service. I know I have to make your fishing trip a great experience for you to do that. No matter which guide service you choose, please respect the lake, keep it clean and be safe


To book a trip today, send me an email at okiegator1222@gmail.com, call me at 620-741-4034, or fill out the registration form.