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Fishing for Striped Bass on Lake Texoma 


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Welcome to Blue Water Striper Guide Service.  I am Tyler “Gator” Cates, the owner/operator. 


Blue Water Striper Guide Service has been operating on Lake Texoma for over 20 years.  James Allen started and established this guide service, becoming one of the top guide services on the lake.  In early 2021, James decided to retire from the guide business, so that he could devote his time to his new venture with his wife, Brenda, as the owner/operators of The Woods Motel, here on Lake Texoma.   Go check them out at www.thewoodsatlaketexoma.com.  It is a wonderful property with great amenities.

As the new owner of Blue Water, I spent several months working with James to learn the ropes and maintain his high standards of operations. 

I love fishing for all types of fish and have been told on more than one occasion it is an obsession for me, not just a hobby.  From the age of two, I have been fishing and collecting fishing stories, and generally just sharing my love of the sport with anyone who showed the slightest interest.

I fished at Lake Texoma for the first time at the age of five.  As silly as it may sound, I was already an avid fisherman with quite a collection of gear for a 5 year old, and spent any moment I could at one of the ponds on our property at home, near Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Getting to fish a big lake for the first time was something I remember to this day, and have had many successful trips to Texoma in the years since. I love fishing lakes - they are all different in one way or another, but still have similarities.   

About 10 years ago, I started chasing pipelines, and spent the last six of that welding on various lines across the country.  I was able to travel and work in 14 different states, and whenever I could, I would spend my days off work checking out the local fishing holes, or nearby lakes.  Five years ago, I started coming back to Oklahoma and spent winters working for a waterfowl outfitter, scouting and guiding hunts. 

Two years ago, I started giving some serious thought to starting up a fishing guide service.  As they say, the cards fell into place, and here I am today.  As a guide, I am fulfilling a lifelong dream to make my living doing what I love most.  I would appreciate the chance to share that with you and your group by spending a day or two fishing and being on beautiful Lake Texoma.

Give me a call or send me an email so we can get you on the schedule for a great day on the water.  I’ll bring the boat, all the gear, tackle and bait.  We’ll end the trip with you heading home with your catch, already cleaned and bagged.  You’re welcome to bring your ice chest with your drinks and snacks for the trip.

You can reach me at 620-741-4034, or by email, Okiegator1222@gmail.com.  If I am unable to answer, please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 


About Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma is called the Striper Capital of the World. Located on the Texas and Oklahoma border, Texoma is considered one of the premier Striped Bass fisheries in the world. One of only 8 lakes in the U.S. where Striped Bass or "Stripers" are known to spawn successfully. This 89,000 acre lake is famous for the amount of fish it produces.

My guide service offers half day fishing charters, suited to all levels of experience. All you need to do is step in the boat and enjoy a great morning of action from one of the best fighting and tasting fish in the world.

 Thank You for visiting my web site and considering me as your next fishing guide on Lake Texoma.  Guiding is my only job and your support of my business is very much appreciated. I realize that a guided trip is an expensive event for most and I promise to do all I can to make your trip with me a fun, memory making adventure.

I am a full time Striper fishing guide on Lake Texoma.  I am insured and fully licensed by Texas and Oklahoma, to guide on all parts of Texoma.


My boat is extremely clean

27ft Charger Center Console

300hp Suzuki outboard

36v Garmin Force trolling motor w/100 lb thrust


Lake Texoma has 89,000 acres of some of the nicest views you'll ever see.




    Striper fishing on Texoma is the only lake I guide on.

Popular months can book up a year in advance. It is never too soon to book a date, call today.


Lake Texoma's Striper limit is very liberal, and is twice that of any other lake in Texas.  We also catch good sized fish in the summer and winter months as well.

Here, you can keep 10 fish per person each day.  The limit below the dam, and on all other Texas lakes is 5 fish per person.

First and foremost, I am family oriented and promise that I will act in a professional manner and you won't have to worry about any inappropriate behavior on my part.

Highlights of How I Run My Guide Service

1.  We won't go out, catch limits and hurry back in. I will try to keep you out as long as possible, up to 5-6 hours. Sometimes the Stripers are really aggressive and swallow the hooks and become "gut hooked" Any injured fish must be kept and sometimes we might have to leave before 6 hours if we have limits of injured fish. We can only release uninjured fish. We can also fish for Sand Bass and Catfish when they are biting.

2.  Your group will be the only party on the boat. I never put different groups together in the same boat. This is your boat for the day and you won't have to share it with anyone else. Some boats on the lake are bigger than mine and they put up to 14 people at a time on them.  If you want to fish on a party barge,  I'm not the guide you want, as I cater to single groups. Only one group at a time on my boat. If you have a big group I'll get other boats to work with us that day. Multiple boats with fewer people in each boat. Everyone catches more fish per person that way.

3.  You will fish with me and not another guide that works for me. When you book my boat, I will be your guide. Unless you have a big group trip that needs more boats.  When you book multiple boats, rest assured that your guide will follow the same guidelines I offer. Our rates are the same. We leave the slips at the same time and we all come in at the same time.

4.  I catch bait BEFORE you arrive. I'll be 100% ready to fish when you arrive. All of your time will be spent fishing for Stripers, not bait.  I catch fresh bait (shad) every morning for your trip and sometimes they are hard to find. I may be on the water as early as 1:a.m. looking for bait.  I also don't catch a minimum number of baits per person. I try to get as many as I think we will need to last the entire trip. If we catch a lot of Stripers, we will need lots of bait. 

5.  I won't rush you to get back in. If it is a slow day (it happens) I want to be able to spend all the time needed to get you on some fish.  That way we are not rushed to get back because I have another group waiting on the dock. I also don't have to save baits for a second trip. They ALL belong to you.  Your trip has my full attention for that day.  

6.  I don't charge extra for lost rods, reels & lures. It happens, 5-6 rods a year and lots of lures, but I take the loss not you.  Almost every other fishing guide charges up to $150.00 extra if you lose a rod and reel and $7.00 per lure.  

7.  I clean your fish 100%.  That means I take 100% of the red line out of the fillets. Stripers have a blood line that makes them taste "strong and gamey."  I completely remove this red line for you making Stripers one of the best tasting fish there is. I completely clean your fillets and put them in freezer bags so you don't have to do a thing at home. When I hand you the fillets, they will not have ANY red on them.  The fish I clean are freezer or eating ready. This process makes the cleaning time take a bit longer but the last thing you want to do when you get home, is finish cleaning your fish. Don't let people fool you, this is important and you will be happy that I did it for you.  Very few guides offer this service (ask). Click here for pictures of the red line.

8.  I enjoy and want you to bring your kids. Striper fishing is a great opportunity to bond with your kids and make some lifetime memories. Let me be a part of that experience. I promise that you will not be exposed to foul language or any other "non family" environment. Your trip can be ruined if you pick a guide that acts less than professional.  You will have a good time on my boat, no worries.  My boat is kid, mom and church group friendly.  My boat is very safe. I have set ups that are very easy for kids and inexperienced fisherman to manage. Children 12 and under must wear a life jacket while the boat is underway. I do provide jackets for everyone. The kids will love reeling in those big stripers. I love being a part of anyone's first fish, kids or adults. I don't smoke or drink but you are welcome to. Alcohol is allowed on the boat but I don't drink and drive. 

9. I am compliant on all Guide Licenses,  OK. and TX. guide licenses and insurance. Make sure your guide carries insurance (I do but it isn't a required law)



        Fishing is not just for men! I run a good amount of trips with just the Ladies!

This type of fishing is fun for everyone - men, women and kids.  I cater to all levels of experience.   I usually have children sit up front with me so I can spend as much time helping them as possible. You can spend time catching fish, let someone else bait the hooks for a change.


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 Striper fishing on Lake Texoma with a fishing guide is the best, easiest and really, the cheapest way to catch Stripers and learn how to fish Lake Texoma. When was the last time you caught over 100 fish in one day? It doesn't happen every day, but it does happen. 


Lake Texoma is known as the "Striper Capital of the World" for a good reason.  Let me do the hard work, you take it easy and enjoy the day on the water.  What are you waiting for? Book your trip today.

There are 3 ways you can book a fishing trip:  

1. Email me:   okiegator1222@gmail.com

2. Call me:  620-741-4034

Or BlakeToews at 580-352-4223 or email blake.a.toews@gmail.com

3. Use the Reservation Form   

Please call and book your trips as soon as possible to insure you get the day you want.  Most of my groups are longtime, repeat customers and take the same day every year. Cancellations are rare but they do happen. Give me a call to find out about last minute cancellations.


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To book a trip today, send me an email at okiegator1222@gmail.com, call me at 620-741-4034, or fill out the registration form.