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BULLETIN: Lake Texoma is at its lowest level since 1979.


Some other Lake Texoma statistics:

  • The record high level was measured during the spring 1990 flood at 644.76’. This was 4 ¾ feet above the spillway elevation of 640.0 feet.
  • The lowest level ever recorded was 599.94’ on March 20, 1957.
  • The last time a lower level was recorded on Lake Texoma than this year was in 1979 when a minimum of 609.96 occurred.
  • A reading of 610.75’ recorded in February 2004 was the previous post-1979 low level, now surpassed by 2011’s drought.
  •  The flood control level varies throughout the year, but the “normal” level is considered 617.0 above sea level.
  • The low of 608.32 was reached on 2-12-14

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