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We start fishing at daylight.  (5 hours on the water*)

2021 rates

     * Up to 5 hours on the water. unless we've caught limits and continuing fishing would result in killing fish we cant keep.

$ 500.00 minimum (1-4 people)
$125.00 for each additional person
1 person $500.00
2 people $500.00
3 people $500.00
4 people $500.00
5 people $625.00
6 people $750.00
  • add 4.5% to total costs if payment is made with credit card or PayPal™  I can't take credit cards at the boat dock, only through PayPal.

Rates for additional boats:

 Each additional boat's rates are the same as listed above.

I also need separate deposits for each boat that is reserved.


Guiding is my only source of income, no shows and cancellations are devastating to my business.  Deposits insure that you are as committed to your trip as I am.

 A $250.00 deposit per boat, per day, is required at the time of booking.

Once you choose a date, I remove that day and no longer offer it to other groups. 

Receiving your deposit confirms your booking.  Bookings without deposits will be considered "not confirmed" and I will try and re-book that date with another group.


If you re-schedule outside of 14 days prior to your date, I will transfer your deposit to the new date.

Note:  I will immediately try and re-book your cancelled or re-scheduled date. If I re-book it with another group, I will refund 100% of your deposit, so let me know of any changes you have A.S.A.P.

  ( MfdYou can pay the deposits by check or credit card thru this site. See below.

Send checks to:

James Allen

852 Rollingwoodhills

Durant, OK. 74701

The Balance will be due the day of the trip. (you can also pay in full at any time prior to your date)

 Cancellation Policy:

  • This is my only source of income, cancellations and no shows are devastating to my business.
  • I have turned down requests for your date to honor your reservations. Once I book with you, I stop offering that date to others. Your deposit covers those lost opportunities. Deposits are non refundable unless I can rebook that day. 
  • I realize that emergencies do arise, so if you must cancel your reservation,  I will do everything I can to rebook that date.
  • If I can rebook the date, then you will be refunded your deposit. So please inform me of any changes as soon as possible.



Cancellations because of Mother Nature Issues:


I will not fish in dangerous conditions, such as lightning, really high winds and when the temps are not forecasted to rise above freezing during our time on the water.... but I do expect to fish in all other conditions. 

Please keep this in mind when booking a trip. It is impossible to know what the weather will do until the day of the trip.

 Wind can be a reason to cancel the trip for safety concerns. It depends on what direction the wind is coming from and what part of the lake we need to fish on.

I reserve the right to cancel a trip at any time because of unsafe conditions. Our safety is always priority number one.

I will refund your deposit 100% if I cancel because of unsafe conditions.

This usually happens with lightning, winds above 25mph or temps that remain in the 30s during our time on the lake.  I expect to fish in all other conditions.

If you cancel because you do not want to be rained on, too cold, hot or other non safety related conditions....your deposit will not be refunded.

Paying With a Credit Card:


 If you would like to use your credit card or PayPal to pay for the deposit or your entire balance now..... Click the "Pay Now" button below. This will take you to a secure site.

I can take credit card purchases thru this website only, not at the dock, the day of the trip.

 There is a 4.5% transaction fee for using this method of payment. 


Thank You, For Your Business!

I'm looking forward to meeting and fishing with you.

Email me at: texomastripers@live.com

Call me at: 

Or use the Reservation Form 



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