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A few of the letters and emails I've received from Satisfied Customers.



 If you would like references, the following people are just a few that I could put you in contact with...Just let me know and I will give you their email address. They have already given their permission. James Allen



James,   We have fished with two different striper fishing guides on Texoma.  You give our family the most productive and by far the most pleasant trip.  I have recommended you to several other people when the subject of fishing came up.  We now own a place at Texoma and have our own boat.                 Joel Bennett


James,     Our group of 4 had a great time with you.  Windy weather, plus a cold front and rain would keep most guides from giving it their all, but you put us on fish time after time and you were truely a "professional" in taking the time to help all of us with our questions we had for you and techniques for catching those stripers.  I highly recommend anyone who wants to put fish in the box to hire James Allen as your guide. 

Steve Freeman
Lewisville, TX


James, What a great fishing trip!  I heard about you through “six old geezers” and had emailed several people at the site about who they would hire as a guide.  They said you were the “King of Live Bait”.  They were correct; you did a great job of getting us on fish especially given the weather conditions.   I also appreciated that you were patient with our wives and took plenty of bathroom breaks for them.    Friday morning the fishing was great and then you knew that we had brought our boat down so you told us we should look for the birds in the afternoon and throw wild eyes and sassies.    We did so and caught/released 25 stripers up to 8 pounds.  At one time we had four fish on, two dead sticking rubber and two casting rubber.   Saturday was a little rougher but you still got us on fish up to 7 pounds!  We will definitely come back and use your service again! Thanks for two great days!    Chuck Lambert



James, just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip with you yesterday. Your lake sure is beautiful and we enjoyed everything about our stay at Texoma. Our trip with you was the highlight of the trip and catching those Stripers was a hoot. None of us had ever caught that many fish at once, you sure know your stuff. I personally appreciate the time you spent with Casey. She is hooked on fishing now but I don't know if I can match the experience she had on you boat. The video was great and we loved your great sense of humor. I appreciate you keeping us out longer than the other guides even though I know you didn't have too. That was a big deal for us, thanks again.

See you next year.

Don Waidner


Hi James, I wanted to thank you again for the great fishing trip, I know you go above and beyond, and we appreciate it. Dan the sick minister went down feeling weak and poor and we thought  the trip will either kill him or make him better.  Prayer, dumb jokes, fresh air, and fishing must have helped him. He was much better and stronger on the way home.  By the way, that last striper caught on Friday cost me $65.00 for dinner, I think I got off fairly cheap.  Thanks again and hope to come back down soon. Duane


James,  Wanted to thank you again for the great time we had today.  it was a 
wonderful trip with Dad and Chuck that we will remember for years to 
Robert Hall


James, Thanks for the great trip yesterday. We know you were cold and so were we!  Catching all those fish seemed to really warm us up. No monster fish were brought in but the numbers of nice, fighting fish passed all of our expectations, big time. You know we have used other guide services in the past but we have now decided to use you exclusively. We consider you the best guide we have ever used on Lake Texoma! I say that without reservation or hesitation. Your attention to our comfort and eagerness to get us on fish went way beyond what was expected. We want to try some top water action next time, and warmer temps. Ha. Keep the updates coming and I'll get back to you in late March or June. There may be 6 of us next time so keep on those fish till we get there. Thanks again. Tom Nolan. Lawrence KS. 



James,  Just a quick note of appreciation for the trip this week. You really pulled it off for me and my wife. Your updates warned of hit and miss fishing right now and we were expecting it to be slow but you turned that around. The top water action was so much fun for both of us. I think I might actually have Denise hooked on fishing with a guide and we will definitely see you again next summer. Thanks again for the great day on the lake....Chris and Denise Woodward. Austin TX.


Mr. Allen, I just want to thank you for making my son and grandson's fishing trip a trip of a lifetime. You got the little guy hooked on fishing, especially striper fishing. When they got back this afternoon, they went fishing, using bait that Adam collected with a cast net. You've got our business for sure. Again, thank you,    Thomas Coe.


James, I want to thank you again for the wonderful trip we had. It was the best fishing trip we have had. My arms were so sore from all the fish we caught. This is the third year we have booked with you and each year keeps getting better. We tell everyone that wants to fish Texoma to give you a call. You are the best guide we have ever had and we have fished with several before we met you.  Sharon Medearis. 


Hello James,  The boys and I want to thank you for the wonderful time we had yesterday. I was afraid the heat might be too much for Austin, but you did a great job of keeping him occupied. I really appreciate you hooking fish and helping him while was landing my own fish. You kind of took over my role as dad for the day and I'll be honest, it was nice to be able to fish right along side of Austin instead of for him. Thank you for all the fish and telling me how to cook them. I love the extra stuff you did for us, and that's why I'll be back again. Thank You....Tom Reynolds, K.S.


Hey James,   Once again, thank you for another GREAT day on the lake!  You are by far the best guide I have ever fished with, and you are greatly appreciated!  Now I know five people from the last trip, and two more from yesterday, who all plan to fish with you again and again in the future.  All six guys have mentioned to me plans to schedule future trip with you with other people, and as for me, well I've already made good on that idea....But it won't be the last time, count on that!   Thanks again, and I'm saving my pennies already!.......David Thayer, Mansfield, TX.


James, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for an absolutely fantastic time!!!!  It was the best fishing trip I have ever taken!    I will be recommending Blue Water to everyone that will listen. Keep up the good work, and I will be touching base in the near future for another trip, and some bait catching.  Thanks again & GOD bless!....Dustin Smith


 James, Just wanted to thank you for the great time we had on Thursday. Just when I thought that is was going to be a slow, cold, miserable day we found ourselves in a frenzy to keep bait on the hooks. We had an outstanding day and I think the fish may be some of the best I've ever tasted. No exaggeration. Thanks again....Jason Dagosta


Hi James,      I wanted to send you an email saying how much we enjoyed yesterday's trip. We never got the "big one" we were looking for, but I think the numbers of fish we pulled in surpassed out wildest expectations of what we would catch. Thanks for being so patient with us and making our 1st trip to Texoma a great one.  We like your style and plan on using you as our Texoma guide from now on.  I'll be in touch.     Steven Hardling. OKC.


James,    Thank you!  We were worried that the spring might bring weather not suitable for fishing and the winds the morning of our trip had us worried. I know now why hiring a guide is so important. You got us out of the wind and onto fish in a hurry. I will always treasure the video and pictures you took of the kids catching their first fish. You made finding and catching all those fish seem easy. I know that it isn't and we would not have had the same results had we tried to do it without your help. Thank you for supplying the best part of our camping trip to Texoma. We plan to do it again next year...with you as our guide once again. Thanks again...Charles Mason. (and family) 


Walter, Glenn, Scott, and I all agree that you did an outstanding job this past weekend.  We consider the number of fish we caught to be by far the most we've ever caught.  But more than that, we enjoyed the outing on such a pretty lake......actually the entire experience.  Also, you run a very professional operation and your expertise and ethics really are apparent....thats nice to see.  Before we met you, we had used a couple of other guides with good fish results.....but they didn't impress in any other way.  One was even rude in my opinion.  We had others in our group and all agreed that we needed to find another guide.  We have done that in finding you.
Scott told me that at one time you were a little stressed that we had not started catching many fish Friday.  I think he may have told you not to  worry about that....and that's the way the rest of us feel as well.  We will be scheduling with you exclusively whenever we fish Texoma and we understand that you can only do so much to guarantee a mess of fish.  However, if (when) we have a slow day with you guiding, don't stress about that.  We understand that is the way fishing is sometimes.   As a matter of fact, that was the norm that we all experienced before we started using a guide, and especially since we started using you.
So please accept our sincerest Thank you for a job well done.  We have already started talking up our next trip, hopefully some top water fishing for big fish, for this summer.  And we may try another trip later in the Fall.  We will be staying in touch.
Thanks again,
Ken Riley


James,  I really wanted to say again EVERYONE had a very good time, Saturday night when we got back to town and the parents were picking up the boys there were some BIG fish stories going around. I really appreciate everything and (for what it counts) I will be touting you as the best guide at Lake Texoma and that you offer a very "family" atmosphere for families and Young people wishing to use a guide for striper fishing. Thanks again.     Glenn White, Asst. Scoutmaster Troop 89, Edmond OK.


James, Thanks for the great day of fishing. It was way more than we expected. We appreciate all the extra effort you put forth to make it such a great experience. We were hoping to catch a few nice fish and ended up with 69 large stripers and although it hurt to release so many nice fish over the limit, it was truly a great day of fishing. We will be booking another trip next November or December, maybe one this summer for top water but I can't imagine any better fishing than our December trip. I think that would be hard to top. I am attaching some photos for you. Again many thanks. Grant, Keith, Kerry and AJ.


James,    I did want to tell you what a great time we had on our trip! We had never been on a guided trip before and now we are spoiled! We are talking about definitely  making this an annual event. This trip was to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday and what a time we had! It is something my dad and son won't soon forget.  I thought it was pretty funny when my son exclaimed "I'm tired of catching fish!" ha ha. That's something we certainly don't hear every day. I appreciated your organization and the wholesome atmosphere you provided. I felt the money we paid was well worth it and your knowledge and expertise were very appreciated also. We will definitely book a trip with you again in the future. We loved it. We fried up the Striper for dinner last night and it was wonderful! Thanks again for making my dad's birthday so memorable!..........Dana M. Handy


Hi James,  Just a short e-mail to thank you again for the great Striper fishing trip Sunday!  What fun! We appreciate all you did for us and we all three had SO MUCH FUN!  Mailed a little thank you note and card to you today. Again, thanks a lot, you were so great and you can be sure we will recommend you to all our friends! We were talking at dinner table tonight (Stripers were GREAT eating by the way-- we all 4 liked them, that we sure would like to have you take us out again. Probably next year for my birthday again; at least that was what I suggested; ha, ha, ha.   Blessings in Christ,  Harry Gates.


James, Thank You for the wonderful fishing experience last week!  We really appreciated you taking the extra time and effort to help us maximize our overall understanding of Striper fishing. We look forward to our return visit......Andy & Gail Jacques


Hi James, I just wanted to thank you again for a great! trip. I've never caught that many fish in a day, not even 10 days of straight fishing. I believe it was an experience of a lifetime, and I'll definitely be coming back.  Thanks, Ron Petri


Thanks very much for the pictures. James is proud of the fish he caught. I'm sure all of the kids at school got an ear-full.  We were delighted about the way the trip went, and would gladly do it again. Thanks for all of your help and insight on striper fishing. I'll try to get a group from work, together for a trip with you. It will probably be after the 1st of the year, because most of them will be hunting in the fall.  Thanks again,  Roger Griffin.


James, Just a short note to let you know how much Cody, Tyler, and myself enjoyed fishing with you Tuesday. One of these days, hopefully soon, I plan on being on the water almost as much as you are. Once again, I enjoyed your professionalism and will hook up with you in November or December........Marc Montrose


James, thank you for a very good fishing trip. As a fisherman from the Tulsa area, I know many guides and the level of service that they give. Your skills and personal interaction with customers is second to none....Great job.   I'm sure that you have many pleased customers, but if you ever need a positive reference. I would be happy to help you.  Looking forward to fishing with you again.  Thanks again......Terry and Bob


Hey, Thank you once again for a great couple of days of fishing. We definitely appreciate your knowledge of fishing, but better yet, your attitude and personality. We will tell everyone we know what a great time we had and pass along your information. Look forward to seeing you again in October.   Billy Rowland


James, Just wanted to drop you a quick note, letting you know how much we appreciated your hospitality early this week. Everyone had a blast and lots of memories were made. I especially appreciate how hard you worked on Monday to find fish. Even when the fishing was slow it was your desire to find the fish was evident. I wish a few more of our dealers had that I won't quit attitude. I look forward to using your service in the future. We will be coming back down in some way, shape or form. Thanks Again,,,,,,,, Nick Hanson


James, just a quick note of thanks. My son can't stop bragging about his fish. Thanks for the opportunity to make some memories we both will never forget. I (we) appreciate the effort you put into our trip. I promise, you will see us again. Maybe this spring....... Kenny and Mark.


Hi James, Thanks for the great fishing trip! We appreciate your hard work and skills. We learned a lot and hope to see you again next year......  Michael Hayes.


Hello James, I hope this is the correct email address. Paul and I wanted to tell you thanks again for the great trip last week.  We had our doubts when we realized how cold it was going to be, but you proved that hiring a guide makes all of the difference. We were surprised how quickly you got us on fish. I realize you do this all the time, but finding that many fish at the first place we stopped at was truly amazing. You were right, it didn't seem nearly as cold as it was when we were pulling in fish. I want you to know that we have hired other guides on Texoma in years past, but we will only go with you from now on. Thanks for going out of your way to make us feel like old friends. We felt we had been fishing with you for years. This is something I've not encountered with other guides. We'll be back this spring. Thanks for the updates, please keep them coming. Your friends.....Paul and Carl.


James, thanks for the trip, a lot of fish and a great guide made for an excellent trip. You try very hard to please your clients and succeed. Thanks again and use me as a reference anytime.... Stoney Duke.


Hi James, Wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the fishing last Sunday. This was a special trip for me and my grandson to spend some time together having fun and man, you sure made the day a hit. If I remember right we boated 57 fish. Jacob and I had a great time! He has been telling everyone how much fun it was, how many fish we caught and about his new friend down at Texoma. Hopefully this will become something we do on a fairly regular basis.  Thanks again,.... Bob Whitney


Hello,  We wanted to tell you again what a blast our trip with you was. I've always liked trout fishing, but I am a Striper convert now. I would have never dream we would have caught 66 fish, like we did. The best part was having multiple fish on at the same time. We all thought that was a hoot. Even catching fish other than stripers was fun. I would have liked to see some fish in the 10lb plus range, but I guess 66 fish was more than a decent trade off. We want to make a lake texoma fishing trip, an annual event now. We WILL be in touch. You guarantee we will always catch at least 60 fish right? Just kidding. Thanks again James for a special trip. We all really enjoyed your company.......  Marty Kinsley.


James, Just wanted to say thanks for a great trip on Saturday, everyone really enjoyed the fishing/catching and your hospitality and extra time spent making our trip a success!  You may see us again someday soon. Thanks again,..... Sam.


James, just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful weekend of great fishing. As we sort of murmured about, we had been there fishing before with another guide service.....but no more.  You provided a really great experience and went out of your way to make the two days of fishing really great.  We will be back next fall....and a great possibility of seeing you in May.......  Marvin.

James, if you want to use this for one of your testimonials...please do so. All three of us were very impressed and happy when we left. Thanks again,..... Marvin.


James, I really appreciate your Fishing update, especially now that I can put a face with the name. Glenn Blankenship, my son Scott, and I are still talking about the trip we had back in September. That was by far the best fishing we all have experienced. I have given out your card to a co-worker (Joe Smith) but at the time you were completely booked for October he said. I told him that he still needs to schedule a trip with you.   Keep up the good work and we'll be getting in touch for a winter trip.  Thanks again,...... Ken Riley.


Howdy James how is everything?  We just got back from our recent Houston evacuation. But all is ok and going well.  I wanted to write for two reasons 1: is to thank you for the amazing time that we had on our recent trip with you on Lake Texoma. The fishing is the best that we have ever had.  You as a guide were the best guide that we have ever contracted with and we have had guides in Corpus Christi, Galveston, Port Aransas, Aransas Pass and Padre Island...you have been the best by far.  The Monday that I got back to Houston I fried up some of the striper using the zatarans like you said and it was amazing by far some of the best fish I have ever had.  So thank you for all that you did for us and we hope to be back out there again soon.  2: I was wondering if you could email me the pictures you took of us fishing. I got a few but my camera was acting up for a while and I did not get any of my son. Could you please send me whatever you got. Thanks again and God Bless,......... Tomas Garza


James, thanks for the pictures, they look great. You were a great host and we all had a great day. I am sure I will be getting back, just not sure when. Once again, thanks for a great day,........ Brian.



James, Thanks so much for the fishing trip. My son and I had a great time and really enjoyed your company. That was the most fish ever caught by either of us and I wanted to thank you again for the memories......... Doug Phillips.


James: I can't begin to thank you enough for the success we experienced yesterday. I'm sure you arranged with the Almighty for the beautiful day, especially the sunrise, but the total experience will be remembered by Scott, Glenn, and me for many years to come. We all realize that the next trip may not be as successful, but yesterday was memorable. I would never have guessed that we'd have to catch and release 4 - 5 pounders because they were slightly over the required 20 inches in length that was all we needed to catch a "perfect limit".  But we do have that experience. I recommend you and your service and we'll be scheduling with you again in the near future.  Also, my compliments to you for such an excellent and informative web page. Glenn, Scott, and I have in in our Favorite Places file.  Thanks again for the wonderful experience we had yesterday, we hope you enjoyed fishing with us "rookies" as much as we enjoyed you and your professionalism. Adios for now, Ken Riley.....Scott Riley.....Glenn Blankenship.    ps.....if you have the need, you may use any or part of our recommendation for posting for others. You've more than earned that in our opinion.


James, Your service was everything you advertised AND MORE.  We had a great experience and you blew us away when you said come back in Sept. and WE WILL catch more fish. I'd recommend you to anyone (even my brother who is a stick in the mud). God willing we will see you again in September......... Don. (the good looking one)


Captain James...Just wanted to say thanks, I will recommend your services to my friends that fish.........  Tom Jensen. (Don, Tom & Jeff)


My son and I really enjoyed our trip with you last week. I didn't expect to catch so many fish before noon. The catfish were an extra bonus. Thanks again for the very memorable day......... Scott and Trey Sondock.


James, we got back home yesterday, and I wanted to email you and tell you again how much fun we had fishing with you.  We have all agreed that Lake Texoma is now our camping destination of choice and from now on, we will be hiring you as our guide when we are there. Charlie said that the size of the fish we caught were not normal and that either we were very lucky, or you were very good. We decided to give you all of the credit and appreciate all the time you took in teaching us how to catch fish. Thanks for the pictures you sent us, they turned out better than the ones I took. Thanks again for the wonderful time and the memories we now have as a family. Your friends....Megan, Charlie, Paul and Kim Mobley.


James Allen, I didn't get a chance to tell you when we left, so I wanted to email you now and make sure your knew what a blast it was fishing with you. I had a great time (as did all of the guys) and hiring a guide was the best decision we could have made. You know how far of a drive it was to get to Lake Texoma and we all appreciate you staying out late with us to get a full day of fishing in. I have a new respect for all fishing guides and wanted you to know your efforts were appreciated. Some how the fish we caught got bigger as we drove home. I've never laughed so hard in all my life. The guys only had great things to say about you and our trip, and I wanted you to know that.  Thanks again for the fishing experience and you should expect to hear from us again. I want to bring my dad before the year is up. I saw some of the fishing updates you were sending Trey, and was wondering if you could continue to send them to me?  Thanks again,....... Marshall Grey










James,   After a number of the other dad's seeing the pictures, and some of my wife's nurse co-workers and (wealthy) doctor bosses at Cooks Children Hospital.  I was hoping you could send me a handful of business cards,  there are a number of them wanting to schedule trips, and want to do it with a qualified guide, based off of my recommendation, since they know I fish a lot.  They're a number of them that want to do it, but are hesitant because they don't know what to expect, and they don't know much about fishing in the fist place. They just want to out and have the same fun, family experience, after seeing how much fun my boys had.  
Appreciate you,


 The boys and I wanted to thank you again for a great trip Sunday.  They had a absolute blast, even with the cold temperatures at take off (23 degrees).  That's all they've talked about all week. I got the pictures developed on Monday and they've each taken their own copies to school, church, and everywhere else they've gone to show their friends.  From a "Dad" standpoint, I wanted to personally thank you for a great trip.  I've been on more guide trips than I can count, and I really appreciate your professionalism, top quality boat and equipment, personal attention to the boys, and your expert knowledge of the lake. Your ability to put us on the fish on the first stop, and continue to keep us on them the entire day, and have us limit out and continue to catch fish until we ran out of bait, is nothing short of impressive.  The purpose of this trip was for my youngest son's birthday, and it's safe to say that we have definitely started a "tradition" with the boys and I. We'll continue this, only on Texoma, and only with you as our guide, no need to even consider any other. Thanks again for GREAT trip, and we'll see you in May for my daughters "birthday" trip, if not sooner.


Bret, Hunter, Tanner Myers


What a great fishing trip!  I heard about you through “six old geezers” and had emailed several people at the site about who they would hire as a guide.  They said you were the “King of Live Bait”.  They were correct; you did a great job of getting us on fish especially given the weather conditions.   I also appreciated that you were patient with our wives and took plenty of bathroom breaks for them.    Friday morning the fishing was great and then you knew that we had brought our boat down so you told us we should look for the birds in the afternoon and throw wild eyes and sassies.    We did so and caught/released 25 stripers up to 8 pounds.  At one time we had four fish on, two dead sticking rubber and two casting rubber.   Saturday was a little rougher but you still got us on fish up to 7 pounds!  We will definitely come back and use your service again! Thanks for two great days!

Chuck Lambert



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