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Fishing in freezing temps
Conditions for fishing in the winter.

I have decided that starting in the winter of 2009 I will no longer KEEP fish or use live bait, if the forecasted temps. are not suppose to rise above 40 degrees while we are on the water. 

Reasons why....

  • Every single drop of water that comes in the boat while I am catching bait freezes. Causing very slippery and dangerous condition for you and me.
  • Live bait will not survive temps below 38 degrees and when the bait tank water gets too cold the bait dies.
  • Water lines at the cleaning station must be turned off to keep them from bursting. (been there, done that) So I won't have water to clean your fish with.


We can still lure fish........

We can catch and release or you can take the fish home to clean yourself.

If you have a trip scheduled and the forecast calls for 40 or less temps. Then you can re-schedule your trip and apply your deposit to another trip, or I will refund your deposit back to you. The same as I would under any other cancellation due to dangerous weather conditions.

Temps of 40 or greater, are fishable and we will fish in those conditions. No refunds for those temps.

Of course it will be impossible to know the temps. until the week prior to your trip, when we can see a current forecast.

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