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Striped Bass Length, Age and Weight Chart
Developed by (USFWS) Division of Fish & Wildlife personnel

The following tables and graphs were developed utilizing length, weight and age data collected by the (USFWS) Striped Bass Coperative Tagging Program. The USFWS provides various agencies with tags taht contain their phone number. A pink tag was located in the abdominal area of the fish. An anchor part of the tag was inserted into a small incision and the pink streamer part was readily visible. Both parts had an 800 number, and a unique tag number. Anglers were asked to report the date the fish was caught, location, whether or not the fish was kept or released and it's total length.

During the fall of 2000, Division personnel sampled striped bass from 172 anglers that caught 283 striped bass, 148 of those were kept. These keepers were comprised of 64 fish (greater than or equal to 24" and less than 28") and 84 fish that were greater than or equal to 28"). In addition to measuring and weighing the fish, scales are taken to determine the age for a specific fish. Impressions of the scale samples were made on acetate slides utilizing a heated, hydraulic press. These slides are magnified with a mocrofiche reader.

Rings on the scales (much like growth rings seen on a cross-section of a tree trunk) enable scientists to assign each fish an age.

Figure 1 shows the predicted weight for a given lenght of a striped bass by the pink line composed of squares. The blue diamond shapes represent actual data points or the range of weights for a given length.

For example, the graph shows that the predicted weight for a 35" striped bass was 18lbs, and samples ranged from 11 to 23 pounds.

Table 1 shows the range of ages that correspond to a given length interval. For example, a striped bass measuring 24 to 27 inches may be from 3 to 8 years old.

Forty-five percent of the fish sampled in this length group were 5 years old.

Table 2 shows the range of ages taht correspond to a weight interval.

For example, a striped bass weighing 7 to 10 lbs may be from 5 to 9 years old. Forty percent of the fish sampled in this weight group were 7 years old.

Weight Age

Lenght/Weight Relationship chart



Percent Age at Lenght chart

Percent Age at Weight chart


Average size is just the median of both weights. It is more realistic maximum in the late fall after the striper has fattened itself up for the winter. Feeding will slow when water temperature drops below 50 degrees, so in the spring the minimum weights are then more accurate. This of course does not apply to a roe laden female. There are many factors that contribute to weight or lack there of. A good digital flat scale will put less stress on the fish than those lip grip types and are more accurate. A measurement should be taken while the fish is on a flat surface from the tip of the nose of a closed mouth, to the outer most point of the tail that is pushed together to a point.

There is no substitute for an accurate scale but to estimate the weight of your striped bass, the formula is:

length x length x length / 1,950

For example: a 30 inch striped bass weighs ~ 14 pounds....30 x 30 x 30 / 1,950 =14



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